National Mech League


The best armed-robot combat league



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National Mech League is a third-person action game starring robots, where you'll control a 'mech', armed with machine guns and shotguns, whose distinctive feature is an elegant cowboy hat.

Your mission is to get through a grueling tournament by destroying your enemies to gain money and visibility. All of the battles are full of publicity, and performing well when you're close to an ad will net you even greater benefits.

Controlling your robot is done like in many traditional dual stick shooters. In other words: you'll aim with your mouse (or the right stick) and move your robot with your keyboard (or the left stick). With this simple control system and an armful of weapons, you can crush the dozens of enemies that will be thrown against you.

National Mech League is a fun third-person action game with excellent graphics and some truly funny moments - we need to make a special mention for the competition's presenter, Lisa Jann.
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